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  • Ajwa Jayyid


    Ajwa Jayyid is a soft dry variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia. It is a delightfully soft with a beautiful wrinkled jet black skin. Ajwa is of the dates mentioned by the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Jayyid has almost the same level of moist with Aaliyah and comes from the region of Madinah.

  • Tara Inner Cleanser


    TARA Inner Cleanser embraces the gentleness of tea tree and rosemary leaf oil. This gentle feminine wash is blended with coptis chinensis, an ancient herb that purifies. It helps with maintaining pH balance and aids with tightness

  • Tara V Mist

  • Young & Glow Foundation


    Young and Glow Foundation – suitable for all skin types. Blends comfortably on your skin to give you that gorgeous glowing look you’ve always wanted.

  • Neelofa x Young& Glow...


    The Young and Glow X Neelofa Lip Matte LETOP Series – Lip Mattes that won’t leave your lips dry with smooth matte finishing. The LETOP series comes with 6 shades – 3 of which are base colours which can be mixed with another 3 shade options.

  • D'Calysta Exclusive Perfume


    Solat friendly ,Cruelty Free Eau De Parfum

  • Safawi, Mumtaaz


    Safawi is from Madinah Al Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia. It has a round elongated shape with fine wrinkled skin. It is reddish black and has a very sweet taste and medium softness. Safawi is the all time favourite for consumers in South East Asia.

  • Neelofa x Young & Glow...


    LIMITED EDITION Neelofa X Young & Glow Lipmatte

  • Mabroum, Jayyid


    Mabroum Jayyid is a chewy type of date fruit from a city called Al Ula in Saudi Arabia. It has a very good mix of caramel like sweetness, making it a favourite amonght many. Mabroum is differentiated by its elongated shape and reddish purple tone.

  • Aura Kasih Jamu Warisan


    Sihat Dalaman & Luaran????

    Consisting of :

    ????Kulit Kayu Manis/Cinammon
    ????Manjakani/Aleppo Oak
    ????Kunyit Putih/White Tumeric
    ????Ekstrak Buah Markisa/Passionfruit Extract
    ????Ekstrak Buah Oren/Orange Extract
    ????Xanthan Gum
    ????Filtered Water



    Whitening Emulsion by Elegant is a water based whitening cream that's infused with instant whitening, anti aging and also help to keep your skin hydrated all the time.