is a WhatsHalal Singapore Pte Ltd community-driven project that aims to support both businesses and consumers during this tough COVID19 period. We understand the pain and worry that most businesses and consumers face as we enter into the festive period of Hari Raya.

For the past two weeks, there has been an increasing trend for businesses to turn to social media for businesses. We foresee more significant interaction between consumers and companies, but will this be a short-term trend? What happens next after Hari Raya season is over? 

History has shown that great businesses appear during the hardest time of the economy, and many fail to pick up when the economy gets better. aspire to be the guiding stick for businesses to embark their business into the digital world without costing them a bomb.

We will nurture them to start taking baby steps to streamline their backend processes, which usually done by 3-4 headcount, to just one headcount. Once businesses can juggle the concept of streamlining their operations within these two months, we’re confident that they are equipped and ready to grow massively, once COVID19 is over!

Let’s Bring the Festive Mood Online! 

Don’t let COVID19 kill the festive mood! Register now and you’re just a click away to find your Raya needs. Spread the word and do support our local businesses!