Nilofa Banana and Dates Milk

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200ml per pouch , 1 box (6 pouches)

Bananas and Dates are good on their own, but together, even better! Tak percaya? Cuba la susu terbaru NILOFA, campuran kurma dan pisang! You'll love it!


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What is NILOFA Banana Milk?

NILOFA Banana Milk is a ready-to-drink banana-flavored milk that is specially formulated using high quality milk imported from Australia. Made in Malaysia.

Is NILOFA Banana Milk halal?

How's the process of making NILOFA Banana Milk?
NILOFA Banana Milk is a nutritious dairy product that goes through two processes that can increase the shelf life (up to 18 months); UHT and Double Sterilization. UHT is a treatment process that maximizes the germination of germs in a product before the product is packaged using a combination of temperature and material processing. Double sterilization is a sterile process after the product is packaged to maximize quality.

Shelf life (expiry date) NILOFA Banana Milk?
NILOFA Banana Milk can last up to 18 months if kept at room temperature. If the pack cover is open, it should be kept cold and drink it for no more than 2 days. Recommended serving it chilled. Expiry date can be found on the back of the pack.

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